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Save on Groceries using coupons

You can save a huge amount of your hard earned money on groceries by proper planning, i.e. matching up your coupons with the sale items. Take a note of these tips  that can help you  save on grocery bills using coupons.

  • Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on segregating the store flyers, list down the sale items and then sift through your coupons to match them up with the sale items. By doing this every week, you can cut down your grocery bills by half or more.
  • If you are more meticulous in your planning, and ready to take little more effort and spend at least 4-5 hours a week on collecting coupons, filling and sending rebate offers on time, you can save up to 95 percent on your grocery bills.
  • You can save your money considerably by buying national brands and avoid sticking with store brands. This is because store brand items rarely go on sale, so you can’t utilize your coupons to buy store brand items or get a refund on them.
  • To take the maximum benefit of coupons, you must be ready to try out different brands and stores regularly, and not biased or loyal to few stores or brands. So makes sure to check out the circulars at various stores regularly. This will help you buy a better brand at a lower price using the coupons and save serious money on your grocery bills.
  • Internet is a fantastic place to find grocery coupons. Some of the popular sites where you can find such coupons are, and You just need to enter your zip code and take print outs of these coupons, then you can use them at your nearest store. But before you head out for the store, call them up and ensure that they accept such coupons, because some stores don’t accept certain coupons. But, don’t restrict yourself to just these three sites, you can find many other coupon sites on the internet, so do check them out too.

I am sure these tips will help you save serious money on grocery bills in the future.