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There are many college grant programs for college students based on merit, need, and area of study. These are readily available to students who are willing to follow the regulations attached to these college grants and scholarships. Three kinds of help would are available: 1) scholarship, 2) grant, 3) loan and financing.

If you don’t qualify for a scholarship, find the right college grant that matches your eligibility or qualifications. Be sure that you qualify for the college grant or scholarship that you are applying for. The following guidelines would help in getting approval:

1. Meet their application deadline. Submit your application on time.

2. Age eligibility. Be sure that you comply with this requirement even if it doesn’t seem fair at all because private grantors sometimes specify this.

3. Spelling and Grammar. This is an indicator of your scholar-worthiness.

4. Subject Specialization. Some college grants are for specific subjects such as Computer Science, Math, or Journalism.

Next, go to, fill out an application form, and get a personal identification number (PIN) from your
If you are still a dependent you will need their income tax return, otherwise, you will need your last federal income tax return and most recent W-2 form. Submit your FAFSA form online for a quicker processing. Wait to receive your Student Aid Report (SAR). Your SAR is the summary of the information on your application. It shows the amount of aid for which you are eligible. Check your SAR carefully to make sure there are no mistakes. If there are, submit any changes or corrections.

If your application for a college grant is denied, there’s another alternative - a student loan. Check out from the financial aid office if you qualify for any of these three college grants:

  1. Stafford Loan
  2. Perkins Loan
  3. Pell Grant