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Government agencies and private foundations are required by law to distribute over billions of dollars to businesses and individuals. Why? It’s because the law provides for it in order to keep the economy stable.

Private corporations give away money because they save a lot in taxes by giving away money to charity. Politicians who want to stay in power give away money so people will continue to vote for them.

Find the appropriate small business grant that you are eligible for. The search may be time consuming but just be patient. Chances of getting approved for a small business grant are higher if you strictly follow the instructions and guidelines of the grantor. Failing to do this will result in your application being rejected.

Expect to prepare a grant proposal letter and a business plan.Your business plan is meant to explain and illustrate the vision that you have for your business. It helps you to focus on what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. It is the toolbox where you draw the tools and equipment for your trade.

These are the usual components of a business plan for your small business grant application.

  1. Nature of product or service
  2. Size & growth trend of the market
  3. Backgrounder about the business or the business concept
  4. Legal form of business (sole proprietorship/partnership/corporation…)
  5. Description of product/service (including competitive advantage)
  6. Product research and development
  7. Industry/Market Research & Analysis
  8. Competition & other barriers to entry
  9. Organizational structure
  10. Marketing Research & Strategy
  11. Production Plan
  12. Customer Support Strategy
  13. Internal Weaknesses & External Threats
  14. Strengths/Opportunities/Contingency Plan
  15. Financial Requirements
  16. Management background & Capacity
  17. Key projections (sales, gross profits, net income)

Seeking grant money is time consuming and highly competitive. The good news is that small business grants are available to any individual or organization.