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Do you need help? Then tell the government you do. It is there to help you. The U.S. government takes an active role in advancing social goals and programs designed for the well-being of all people.

Personal grants are available to all eligible citizens-the unemployed, disabled, sick people, elderly citizens,ex-service men, handicapped, low-income families, minority groups, single mothers, etc.Personal grants are available to each one of us, be it an individual, organization, or group.It is sad that many people are not aware that these grants exist.

Single moms need help so the government prepares a wide assortment of programs that have been carefully configured to meet their diverse personal needs. Some of these are:

  1. Home Repair
  2. Mortgage Payments or rent
  3. Hospital and doctor’s bills
  4. Real Estate Taxes & other Tax bills
  5. Utility Bills and Groceries
  6. Child Care/Day Care
  7. Legal & Judicial Services;
  8. Public Transportation or automobile purchase for the handicapped
  9. General Living Expenses
  10. Housing Assistance

There are many government personal grants and private support available to single mothers because raising a child singlehandedly is a tough job. U.S. citizens are eligible for personal grants that can range from $5,000 upwards to $450,000.

The government understands the difficulties of single mothers in trying to earn a living and providing the basic needs of the children such as food, clothing, shelter, and education.

There are scholarship funds for education, support for vehicle purchase, payment of hospital bills, tax debt, rent, utility bills, home repair,and work uniforms.

Another option for free money is that sometimes the government or specific organizations will offer grant money to be used toward paying off education debt.Personal grants can be either for a short-term emergency or a long-term situation.