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Strange Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Pregnant women undergo lots of different changes once babies start to develop inside them. First of all, they undergo physical change because of their developing babies inside them. They also change in body chemistry level as they have changes in their hormone production and secretion in the body.

Hormonal changes affect their appetite and thus experience cravings. Cravings is where pregnant women would like to eat a certain type of food.

A typical pregnant woman will feel cravings on sweet stuff and even dairy products. Aside from this, they will also crave for their favorite meals regardless white time of the day it is.

But these are not the only cravings that pregnant women has as some of them experience pica or craving on foods that are not food products. You may find this odd but the following are three of the strangest food which are the focus of some pregnant women’ cravings.

Unique food combinations

The foods under this category are still regular meals but it’s unimaginable for many individuals to see how pregnant women can eat them. The combination can be as odd as mixing vanilla ice cream with onions and other ingredients that you can’t think of. But no matter how odd it is, they will find this as the best solution for their cravings.


This is a popular item used in school but is also known as food cravings for some women. According to some resources, many pregnant women would eat this to satisfy their cravings. But of course, chalk may not be available at home especially if they don’t use it. Hence, they will divert their attention to a similar item, talcum powder.


This is perhaps one of the dangerous items pregnant women may eat. The effect may be possible as the satisfaction they get from eating chalk. The only problem is this has chemical components that will affect their health and their body.

The issue with some of these food cravings is they can be dangerous to their health. On the other hand, several experts are doing their best to come up with the solution on how to take care of this problem.