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Pregnant with Twins

In the past few years, multiple pregnancies have been widespread. Experts say that this is due to availability of fertility drugs but there are other factors as well. During conception, it is possible that the egg can split into two. Ultrasound is a great tool that you can use to identify if you’re having twins or not.

Some women suspect twins when their uterus increases in growth quickly. A practitioner can also suspect twins if there are multiple heartbeats or there is an increase in the hCG levels.


Since you have two babies inside the womb, it is vital that you can receive adequate nutrition. Make sure that you stick with a healthy diet and avoid eating fast foods. You can consult with a nutritionist to help you in preparing the right meal plan. You will need a lot of proteins to ensure a strong and good amniotic sac/placenta.

Fighting infections will also be easier if your body is healthy. You will need to adhere religiously to scheduled doctors appointments to receive extra care. If you notice a quick increase in weight, don’t worry as this is natural. Getting enough rest very important. If you feel tired, take time to stop and give your body rest.

Complications You Should Avoid

In twin pregnancies, complications are common. The doctor should monitor normal complications and fetal growth such as blood pressure. Before, cesarean was the best way to give birth to twins but today, vaginal birth is also encouraged.

However, this will depend on the position of the babies and labor tolerance. If the twins are locked and can’t be moved, cesarean is the way to go. You will need to look for an experienced doctor who will not panic during the birth process, regardless of the problems that may arise.

Final Words

If you want to give birth and you’re suspecting that it is twins, take action immediately. Live a healthy lifestyle and monitor your health carefully. Make sure that you follow all instructions of your doctor and exercise regularly. You don’t need to perform tiring exercises, just the simple ones like walking or swimming.