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Popular Pregnant Symptoms

The experience of being pregnant can be a totally new and exciting thing for any woman. Some fear it while majority really welcome it with such positive attitude. Others who are not so pleased with it do not like the strain it gives to their bodies and the discomfort of your belly expanding.

If it will be your first pregnancy, it could be helpful to be knowledgeable of the most popular pregnant symptoms that you can probably experience.

Missed Menstruation

Of course this is the most obvious sign you can experience. You still might have some spotting but its color would be lighter than the usual. To further confirm if this is really a positive sign that you are pregnant, go to the nearest drug store and pick a home pregnancy test.

Morning Sickness

Most research says that it takes just about 50% of women who experience morning sickness when they are pregnant. It is not actually a good term to be assigned to this symptom since this can happen during any part of the day. Some do not even actually throw up but just always feels dizzy and nauseous.

Chest Soreness

Many women really discover their chest turning a bit more plump and sensitive when they are pregnant. There is also some heightened sensitivity to this area and would usually just go away on your 3rd trimester.


Since there are changes in your hormone levels when you turn pregnant, this could cause headaches as an effect. You cannot really consider this as a unique sign of pregnancy for headaches are actually a regular thing.


During the early parts of being pregnant, many women start to get bloated. But still this can be so common to be felt even by those who are expecting their menstruation to come.

In short, all these can be too common aside from being popular pregnant symptoms. The best thing that you can do if you have been sexually active with your partner is to take a pregnancy test on your own or you can just head to your doctor to confirm your situation.