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How to Treat the Flu when Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, it can be dangerous to drink any type of medicine because it can have a terrible effect on the baby. Pregnant women usually have weak immune systems and so they are more prone to illnesses caused by viruses. Catching flu is quite easy especially if you don’t eat healthy foods and get enough rest.

What to Do?

You have to call your doctor once you feel the flu symptoms. This is very important and never attempt to do self medication. Monitor your body’s temperature closely. You will need a lot of water and other fluids. When you’re sick, you will hardly feel hunger and so you can keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. The health of the baby will not be compromised. Rest is also needed.

You have to sleep or take naps often until you regain your strength. If you have stuffed nose, you can use steam, warm compress, and humidifier. Your sinuses will be unclogged. When taking medicines, you have to seek advice from the doctor.

This can include acetaminophen, cough syrups, and decongestants. Prevention is always better than cure. Stay away from sick people and make it a habit to wash your hands thoroughly every now and then. If you have an upset stomach, you can eat crackers or toast.

Additional Tips

It is important that you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C and antioxidants. Fighting infections is possible. There are vitamins that are specially formulated for pregnant women. Avoid stresses and don’t smoke.

If a family member is smoking, you can always ask them to do it outside.This is bad for your baby and it will also weaken your immune system. Don’t use any antibiotics unless your doctor tells you to.

Follow the meal plans suggested by a qualified nutritionist. If you have sore throat, you can drink lemonade with honey. Getting enough fluids is the key to feeling better soon. Don’t over-exert the body. Bed rest is ideal and this can promote healing fast. Look after your health and that of your little one.