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Pregnant with Twins

In the past few years, multiple pregnancies have been widespread. Experts say that this is due to availability of fertility drugs but there are other factors as well. During conception, it is possible that the egg can split into two. Ultrasound is a great tool that you can use to identify if you’re having twins or not.


Popular Pregnant Symptoms

The experience of being pregnant can be a totally new and exciting thing for any woman. Some fear it while majority really welcome it with such positive attitude. Others who are not so pleased with it do not like the strain it gives to their bodies and the discomfort of your belly expanding.


How to Treat the Flu when Pregnant

When a woman is pregnant, it can be dangerous to drink any type of medicine because it can have a terrible effect on the baby. Pregnant women usually have weak immune systems and so they are more prone to illnesses caused by viruses. Catching flu is quite easy especially if you don’t eat healthy foods and get enough rest.


Keeping A Job During Third Trimester

Pregnant women are supposed to keep themselves healthy until the time they will give birth. But if you will look closely, there are still many women who would like to work until the time when they will give birth. But you may ask whether it’s still possible for pregnant women to work until the third trimester.


Drinking Wine During Pregnancy

Pregnant women were asked to be extra careful during this time of their lives. Primarily, they are not only supposed to take care of themselves but also their babies who are still developing inside their body.