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Maternity Alone

There are women that confront the maternity alone and have problems since the legal point of view. Since the inscription of the baby in the civil registration, to the recognition on the part of the father or the guard and custody. All are problems and differences.


Working During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are considered to be very delicate during this time of their lives. Particularly, they would need to take care for two people since they will have their own babies. This is the time when physicians will tell them to take care of their bodies by taking the right amount of nutritious food. This will help them have healthy body and baby.


Strange Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Pregnant women undergo lots of different changes once babies start to develop inside them. First of all, they undergo physical change because of their developing babies inside them. They also change in body chemistry level as they have changes in their hormone production and secretion in the body.


Teen Pregnancy On Rise

Pregnancy is something that many women anticipate these days. In fact, some women may perceive that womanhood is not complete without bearing a child. However, it can be a different story if it’s the teens is the ones who get pregnant.


Signs of Pregnancy

Some women are able to notice changes in their body instantly but there are also those that rely on signs of pregnancy to find out about their condition. Make sure that you monitor the rhythms of your body.