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Help And Counsels For Single Mothers That Are In Urgencies

Liliana Antivero was single mother at the age of 20. Today it is a nurse of 46, and he created the civil association "While be able". With other volunteers they weave batitas, they join clothes of babies and remedies to give them the alone women.

Mariana Churches Liliana was 20 years old when remained pregnant of a man that then chose to give him the back. She equal continued ahead and had to its baby. Friends helped it, neighboring and many people that not even knew it. Therefore today this woman that is 46 years old and is a nurse created the civil association "While be able", that exactly he is dedicated to help the single mothers that are more deserted.

The departamentito of Liliana Antivero, in the neighborhood of Palermo, a deposit seems more that a dwelling. In the small living room enormous full boxes of medicines are stacked, the chair is covered of batitas for babies, and as if were decorations, the shelf is covered with packages of powdered milk. "They are donations that plan to carry to Zárate and also to some poor zones from among Rivers", enthusiastic account the nurse.

Liliana is not alone in this supportive crusade that began already five years ago. A group of unconditional friends accompanies it. Among them is Mary Márquez, another nurse of 46 years. Also it is María Cristina Carnevale —artisan, 56—, Gabriel Mazzoni —employed graphic, 30—, Daniel Sam —masoterapeuta, 33—, Gustavo Migliazzo —nurse, 44—, Lucas Cacciola, —student of Graphic Design, 20—, and the daughter of Liliana, that is called Natasha and the aid with the legal themes, since studies Right. Also they collaborate other ten volunteers, that almost all they are educational.

What do they do? "The main thing is to try to obtain donations on all sides. Luckily, upon working in hospitals and you prepay we obtain that patient and medical frequent visitors give us a hand with remedies and some supplies. And then, each time that we inform us that there is a mom single woman in urgencies, there we are going to seek it", account Liliana.

That signifies that they give him contention, they guide it with the embarrassment and then, when themselves about the birth, they carry him an enormous bag with all that is needed for the baby. "We give them all the trousseau, baby clothing, sabanitas, and products of hygiene, like creams, shampoos, colony, talc. And also diapers", explains Mary.

"Besides, we realize that there are many women that are informed that they are pregnant and they do not know what to do. In general the single mothers are very youths and their families reject them. It is a very hard situation, the woman feels questioned and unprotected, exactly when he should be more accompanied. Then we give them counsels, we guide them and we contain them", he says Liliana, that knows to spare the theme. She passed for that experience when he lived in Zárate. And that it is the reason why almost all the aid that give is women of that zone.

"Already we connect us with the Supportive Network of Zárate because we think to expand our task. We want to support some common dining rooms of there and to assemble gardens so that the people can be been self-sufficient", says Liliana.

Mary coincides: "Me agreement when we went to the hospital of Zárate loaded with markets of remedies and almost they raise us to upa of the happiness that had. It is very pretty to share and to give to what one does not have". It is that, they assure, many of the donations buy them with its scarce salaries. As to honor the name of the association: "While be able".