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A Single Mother Letter Poem (3)

This letter is addressed to the president of my beloved community, Esperanza Aguirre. I am one of the many single mothers will appreciate the aid which many thanks to you we can not access, because according to your rules have a salary of just over 1,000 euros means that you are already a millionaire and you do not need help.

The sacrifice of going to bed without dinner to save ...

I know that this salary is more than a few wins, unfortunately in this country, but I ask that my salary divided between two nursery rental plus more food for the older child diapers more schooling you post fashion this year.

What is the end?

Pain, headaches, anxiety to see more and more expenses, sacrifice going to bed without dinner and save for your child does not miss lunch. With all this, what hope remains? Ironies of life, its name, which I certainly inspires me otherwise.

Mom In need of Help