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Struggles Of Single Mothers

Very often, parents who raise children by their own have almost always a sense of nervousness and anger. The control over the state of anger and anxiety must be done very carefully by parents to maintain a positive state in the family.


Help And Counsels For Single Mothers That Are In Urgencies

Liliana Antivero was single mother at the age of 20. Today it is a nurse of 46, and he created the civil association "While be able". With other volunteers they weave batitas, they join clothes of babies and remedies to give them the alone women.


A Single Mother Letter Poem

This letter is addressed to the president of my beloved community, Esperanza Aguirre. I am one of the many single mothers will appreciate the aid which many thanks to you we can not access, because according to your rules have a salary of just over 1,000 euros means that you are already a millionaire and you do not need help.


Saving for Your First Family Home

After getting married, a lot of couples are in a hurry to purchase a new home. However, if you’re truly wise, you have to start saving beforehand. It’s best if you have enough money to buy the first family home, so you don’t have to rent an apartment or condo unit.


How To Raise A Big Family

To raise a big family these days can really be such a tough challenge to take and overcome. This is especially true if you happen to be a single parent like the famous Octomom for example. But here are some tips you can consider that can help you a great deal in doing this endeavor successfully.


Parents Saving For College

It is understandable how important education is for every child’s life and the parents are the ones most responsible to start this with them. This is because the parents would be the ones working hard to save money for their college plans.