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Food Stamps Eligibility: The Things Required

Not everyone can apply for food stamps eligibility. Just like any other program, there are certain conditions and requirements that you must meet in order to join the Food Stamp Program.

Since they will not just be randomly given away, the government must make sure that they will be given to those who deserve and badly need it.

Eligibility for this program is actually based on a family's net and gross income. The monthly amount that you will receive will depend on the household size and the adjusted gross income with the following exceptions: standard deduction, 20% deduction for earned income, dependent care deduction, child support deduction, an elderly or disabled individual's limited medical expenses deduction and shelter care expenses' limited deduction.

The limits for the gross income are established and annually adjusted by the federal government. The usual resource for families is $2, 000 while for those who have elderly and disabled members, $3,000 is the resource limit.

You can find out if you are eligible for the program by using an online pre- screening tool. However, this is not the actual application. To get benefits for the program, you must apply at your local office.

If in case there are changes, for instance the monthly gross income has exceeded the amount allowed for the size of your household, it must be reported at the month's 10th day, following the month when the income exceeded the maximum.

All recipients of the food stamps are required to undertake a review process every year or every 12 months. Aside from the income change, other changes that a recipient may choose to report are the addition of another household member and the income of that member, increase in shelter, daycare and other expenses and also, the decrease or total ceasing of income flow. These things might affect your food stamps eligibility so do not just ignore them.