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Best State To Live In On Food Stamps: Does It Exist?

There is really no best state to live in on food stamps. Why do I say so? Remember that more often than not, food stamp is the measure of poverty of a certain place. That is why when a state offers its people food stamps, it means that they are on the brink of a not so good economic problem.

For instance, among the many states who have long fought against poverty, West Virginia has more than 16% of its population on food stamp. And although not technically a state, Washington DC has the highest rate, which is more than 17%. Making up the rest of the group are the countries of Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee.

However, it was really Idaho which had the sharpest food stamp percentage increase over the previous year, with a rise of 32%. Most of the recipients are individuals with poorly paid jobs, making them fail to cope with food and fuel price hikes since most of the jobs are almost close to the minimum wage.On the other hand, food stamp recipients have raised by about 29% in Utah, Nevada and Florida.

The states with the highest food stamp receipt are actually the Western US counties with a high rate of American Indian population, Rio Grande Valley counties with large Latin populations, Mississippi Delta counties, Appalachia counties and the black belt which has a high population of African-Americans.

Studies also show that nonmetropolitan counties are the places with the highest rates of food stamp receipt. The first metropolitan county with a high rate of 36% of its residents is St. Louis City in Missouri, followed by Hidalgo County, Texas and Bronx in New York.

However, if there are high rates, there are also counties where participation in food stamp programs are relatively low such as Wyoming with only 4.2%, New Jersey with 4.7% and Colorado with 5.1%.

These states all offer food stamps and for some reason, they vary in results. But still, the really best place to live in on food stamps is the place where you can still be with your whole family and be happy with a simple yet complete life.