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Application Requirements for SNAP Food Stamps in Alabama for Families

Are you aware that the government offers special assistance programs for families all over the US? If you’re not, this is your chance to avail of the benefits of various programs like that of the SNAP food stamps.

If you’re from Alabama, you have to check with the Department of Human Resources. You can ask about the Alabama Food Assistance Division.

Who to Contact?

You have choices when it comes to filing the application. Try to call the hotline number of the department and gather the pertinent details. You can also visit the website of the department so that you can download the form. Once accomplished, you can now submit it to the concerned agency or office.

SNAP Eligibility

To qualify for the food stamps, you have to pass certain requirements set the state. The poverty guidelines usually vary from one state to another. You have to compare your gross income to the poverty line and it should be 130% less than the pre-determined income level.

Otherwise, your application can be turned down. If your income is high, you don’t stand a chance in getting assistance. It’s better to leave the program to those who really need food assistance like single mothers and low income families.

The value of the personal properties like car is not a big consideration. However, if you have a bank account, you have to make sure that it does not exceed $2,000 at the minimum. Although there are allowable deductions, you have to double check if the gross income will meet the income requirements.

There are also guidelines for the work requirements of the family members. Conduct a bit of research first to find out if you can qualify; that way, you won’t waste time in filing the application. Good luck and if you do qualify, your kids will benefit greatly.