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Daycare Grants for Single Moms

As a single mom, you have to work in order to meet your children’s needs. More often than not, your toughest problem would be finding an affordable yet adequate daycare for your children.

Good thing, there are now daycare grants that will remedy this problem of yours. These daycare grants offered to single mothers are given by many places and sometimes it takes only patience and probably a lot of paperworks for you to know if you qualify.

Here are some places where you can start asking for a daycare grant.

Your local Department of Human Services could be the best place to start with. This is where you will find all types of assistance, from your food stamps, to college fund assistance to welfare.

If ever there are available daycare grants in your locality for people who are in your situation, DHS would be the department which would know about it. With their resources, they can point you to the right place which offers these grants. Start here and if you don’t find it there, continue to the next direction given.

For single moms who have children old enough to attend Head Start, it would be very practical for you and you would not even have to spend more than a dime.

In Head Start, your child would not only get benefits like that in daycare but also they will learn a little bit more before they are prepared to attend regular school. This can give them an edge in education when the right time comes so, you can contact the school district in your locality.

There are also private schools and churches which offer daycare services. All you have to do to be eligible is to fill out a financial aid form and explain wh y why you cannot pay for a daycare.

For single moms who are in college or university, you can be qualified for daycare grants. There are colleges which offer daycare and will watch over your child for free while you attend your classes.

There are also those which give cash grants and some put the money with the daycare you personally chose. You can check it with your college admission office to know what things are available for single moms like you.

The last thing that you can do is to offer your services. Private and church daycares usually lower the cost of daycare payments if you will volunteer to work for their paperwork, outings and the likes. You can decide what assistance you can offer and discuss it with them when you apply.