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National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

What is National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program?

The National Health Service Corps extends this scholarship program to students dedicated to delivering primary health care in communities recognized as having a dearth of health professionals. The program covers payment of tuition, fees and other reasonable educational costs (e.g., books, supplies, equipment) and comprises of a monthly stipend for up to four years of education.

Scholarship recipients work in regions of extreme need after completing their training (each year of support needs one year of service, with a two-year minimum servicepledge).

Who is eligible for this program?

In order to become eligible for this benefit program, you need to be a US national, citizen or dual citizen who has been admitted or is registered in an accredited degree program, college or university, and is ready to offer primary health care services in an area with a dearth of healthexperts.

How to go about this program?

The below information will guide you to the following stages to apply for this benefit.

How to apply for this program?

For further information, check out the Program Contact Information below.

Program Contact Information

To ask for an application, dial this Toll-free Number:

For further details on the NHSC Scholarship Program, Please check out: