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Christopher Columbus Awards Program

What is Christopher Columbus Awards program?

This competition is planned solely for middle school age students who must function as teams of three or four with an adult coach. It gives a challenging task for the students to find a problem in their society and resolve it with the help of science and technology.

The program is devised to develop curiosity, creativity and critical thinking skills among students with varied backgrounds, interest and skills.

Every member of two Gold Medal winning teams is conferred U.S. Savings Bonds, and one winning team gets the $25,000 Columbus Foundation Community Grant to create and apply its idea over the next year.

Selection process:

There are 3 judgingstages. Finalists and coaches go to Walt Disney World Resort (all-costs -paid) for final judging and go to the Christopher Columbus Academy, a behind the scenes chance to be a part of the Disney engineers and scientists team. One team wins the $25,000 aid to bring back to their community to turn their idea into a reality.

Who is eligible for this program?

All U.S. students in grades six through eight can take part in this competition.

How to apply for this program?

For complete application details, go to:

Entries will be received from teams of three or four students in grades six to eight with a coach. All team entries must contain: a Christopher Columbus Awards Entry form (endorsed by the team members and the coach), a team-written section and the visual component.

To take part, send an original and two copies of the team's community solution to:

  1. Christopher Columbus Awards
  2. 105 Terry Drive
  3. Suite 120
  4. Newtown, PA 18940

Nomination forms must be postmarked or received before midnight on February 7, 2011.

Program Contact Information

For more details, check out:

Email them at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.&backPOCUrl=/benefits/benefit-details/672/">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call them at: 1-800-291-6020 3154

If you have more queries, you can also get in touch with the sponsoring Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation directly through mail or phone:

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation
Executive Director
110 Genesee Street, Suite 390
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: 315-258-0090