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Medicaid Program

What is Medicaid Program?

The Medicaid Program offers medical benefits to low-income individuals who don’t have medical in- surances or have insufficient medical insurances. The Federal government determines general standards for the administration of Medicaid benefits.

Nevertheless, exact eligibility criteria to obtain Medicaid benefits, as well as the type and scope of services offered, are controlled by each individual state. Therefore, an individual who gets qualified for Medicaid in one state may not be eligible in another state. You must verify with the Medicaid office in the state you reside in to confirm your eligibility to get benefits.

Medicaid is a combined Federal/state program run by each individual state. Every state forms its own rules with respect to eligibility and coverage within comprehensive Federal policies.

Who is eligible for this program?

To become eligible for this program, you need to be a U.S. national, citizen or permanent resident who needs health care/insurance assistance; your financial condition must be categorized as low income or very low income. You should also be either pregnant, have a child(ren) who is/are disabled, or be in charge of children below 19 years of age.

How to get enrolled?

To know if you are qualified to receive Medicaid benefits, get in touch with your state Medicaid office. Contact numbers for every state office can be found on this website:

To know more about the Medicaid program, including eligibility requirements, please visit: