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Even Start: Migrant Education

What is Even Start: Migrant Education?

The Even Start Migrant Education Program enhances the educational opportunities of immigrant households via family literacy programs that combine early childhood education, adult literacy or adult basic education, and parenting education.


Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

What is Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)?

The housing choice voucher program offer help to extremely low-income households to afford respectable, secure, and hygienic accommodation. Accommodation can comprise single-family homes, townhouses and apartments and is not restricted to units situated in subsidized housing projects.


Federal Pell Grants

What is Federal Pell Grants Program?

The Federal Pell Grant Program offers need-based aid to low-income undergraduate and certain post-baccalaureate students to publicize access to post-secondary education.The highest Pell Grant for the 2009-10 award year was $5,350. Grants are not finances. They don’t have to be repaid.


Weatherization Assistance Program

What is Weatherization Assistance Program?

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) allows low-income families to bring down their energy bills forever by making their houses more energy efficient. Finances are utilized to enhance the energy performance of dwellings households in need making use of the most superior technologies and testing procedures accessible in the housing industry.


Unemployment Insurance

What is Unemployment Insurance?

Generally, the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance Program offers unemployment aid to qualifying workers who are jobless through no mistake of their own (as determined under state law including District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico), and meet other eligibility conditions of state law.