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People who qualify for Section 8 assistance receive a voucher that pays for about 70 percent of rent and utilities. The renter is then responsible for paying the remaining 30 percent. Recipients may choose to live wherever they want, as long as the total rent falls within standards set by HUD.

This is how Section 8 works:

  1. You view the apartment you want to rent. Inform the landlord that you’re a Section 8 voucher beneficiary by showing your voucher;
  2. The landlord agrees sohe/she contacts the Section 8 office;
  3. The Section 8 office checks to make sure the family can afford the rent and the lease is acceptable; They send an inspector to check the apartment of your choice to make sure it meets the standards of the Section 8 program;
  4. The apartment passes inspection and Section 8 office sends a contract to the landlord;
  5. The landlord signs the contract with Section 8;
  6. The landlord signs another lease contract with you;
  7. You and your family move in;
  8. You pay your share of rent (30%) and the housing office pays 70%.