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You have to be any of the following in order to qualify for a housing grant: 1) single mother; 2) an elderly, 3) a disabled, 4) have a large family with minor children and low income; 5)family with low income; 6) sick and cannot work.

There should be documents proving you are any of those. So you need to fill up and application in your state’s housing department and attach all the required documents such as income tax, IDs, medical records, and other certifications. If you meet all the conditions, your housing department will send you a letter of acceptance.

If you don’t qualify, they will also inform you through an official mail. The Housing and Urban Development has federal funds and grants available to first time home buyers. All of these grants must be covered by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-- down payment assistance, tax credits for the military personnel, housing grants for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and all other housing programs of the HUD. An FHA loan is basically the only loan available that will offer a homebuyer the chance to buy a home with very little or almost no down payment.

There is almost always a state housing committee that is a bountiful resource on housing grants.HUD awards grants to organizations and groups for a variety of purposes. To participate in the HUD grants program, you need to be registered with, obtain a DUNS number and Register with CCR.

DUNS meansData Universal Numbers System, a unique nine character identification number. CCR means Central Contract Registration, the primary registrant database for the U.S. Federal Government. CCR collects, validates, stores, and disseminates data in support of agency acquisition missions, including federal agency contract and assistance awards. You can go to any of the two housing agencies for your housing grant.