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Grants For High Demand Careers (Nursing)

The unemployment rate in the country going up partly due to the current global economic slowdown, finding a job poses to be a real challenge. And if ever there is a job readily available, most of them are low paying, little or no benefits, and are not secure.

Finding a long-term career that pays more and not just a job that will temporarily remove you from the list of unemployed takes a lot of long-term planning and of course a higher degree of education. The in demand careers among those that require higher levels of education are those in the healthcare industry. One of these is a career in nursing. Through the years, the demand for qualified nurses has become so high that a lot of the nurses that are hired in hospitals around the country are of foreign origin.

A career in nursing requires direct patient interaction, is fast-paced, and requires flexibility when it comes to changes in work schedules. This career is the frontline of the health care system and because of shortages in nurses, this has become a high paying job to be able to attract more students in taking this career path. For one to be able to achieve an RN or Registered Nurse title, he must graduate from a state-approved school of nursing, pass the state’s RN Licensure Examinations more commonly referred to as NCLEX-RN or the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

Prior to this of course, one has to finish a four-year university-based Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Because of the nature of this field of study, it will obviously require much financial resources. Nursing school grants, offering financial assistance are available. Among these would be the nursing school grants programs from the US government. Most of these, as part of the US Department of Education programs need not be paid back. These nursing school grants can be used for the entire duration of the university course as well as in the accomplishment of thesis requirements and other medical-related studies.

For one to be qualified for any nursing school grants, there are several eligibility requirements. One is of course your commitment to your capability in carrying out safety and health training. This should also be based on your actual financial need, your school grades and special talents. The one who has the highest scores during the screening process will be given priority on the things included in the grant package especially the amount.

To start with, you can seek advice from the school’s enrollment or career counselor before graduating from your secondary school. This will allow you some time to have ample preparation of the things you will need to secure for application for a nursing school grant. Because of the high demand for nurses brought about by a projected shortage in the next years, there are certainly a lot of institutions including the ones from the private sectors that offer opportunities for grants especially for those deserving students but who do not have enough financial resources for pursuing a career in Nursing. You can also check from community development services in your area as well as church, civic, and other private funding grants. The most accurate source of available grants for nursing education is of course the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

And just before finishing high school, you should have already started your quest for a nursing school grant that will help you breeze through the costs of nursing education. Start preparing a list of the Schools of Nurses you are eyeing and try calling them for the available grants offered in their school. If you think you have a calling for the profession of nursing which will help you actualize your goals in contributing to the society through excellence in health care, this dream should be pursued and financial difficulties should hinder you from achieving this.