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Earmarking is a funding mechanism that can be used to increase funding for important socio-civic programs or projects. An earmark grant is a grant specifically marked by Congress through the request or insertion of a Congressman of the house or a state or federal politician.

The politician writes in a line item to the budget for a particular project requested by an organization or a group belonging to his state or district.

Earmark grants have been promoted in countries around the world as means for central authorities to encourage or require that decentralized authorities fund specific priority projects. Earmarking is becoming a questionable practice but a politician will still give earmark funding to projects that are worth funding and they can show need.

These “earmarked” grants are not competitive but must have lobbyists or strong supporters pushing for the project and touting its merits and advantages. An earmark grant proposal must be written and submitted, and there is a considerable wait time.After all, the money you will be receiving comes from taxpayers.

Representatives need time to wade through all the earmark requests. Submit your proposal early. Give them examples on the cause and effects of your project. Give them sound numbers and statistics from creditable sources.

Finding out just who shows interest in your type of project with the means to make it happen could make all the difference in getting the earmark approved. Moreover, try to get endorsement letters from high-ranking individuals, groups, and companies in your community.