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Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)

What is Student Career Experience Program?

Student employment offers a chance to make money and carry on your education, to coach with individuals who help merge your academic study with on-the-job experience.

Job openings under this program give you temporary occupation with the Department of Commerce.

Jobs can range from summer jobs to positions that continue as long as you are a student. These job opportunities may not be associated to your academic field of study.

Who is eligible for this program?

In order to become eligible, you need to be:

A student registered or accepted for registration as a degree-seeking student (diploma, certificate, etc.),

No less than the minimum age needed by Federal, state or local laws and standards governing the employment of minors,

Bearing at least half-time academic or vocational and technical course load in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, four-year college or university, graduate or professional school,

A U.S. citizen, and

Able to create a letter of verification from your educational institution indicating proof of enrollment in school for the forthcoming semester/quarter at the start of each semester/quarter.

How to go about this program?

The following details will guide you to the following stages to apply for this benefit.

How to apply for this program?

For further details, check out the following Program Contact Information.

Program Contact Information

For more details, please check out:

For a list of contacts for student employment at DOC, please check out: